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Are there any hidden fees with Quick Snap Photo Booths?

We’ll be honest—there are no hidden fees with Quick Snap Photo Booths. Setup and teardown are included in our prices. If you might incur an extra travel fee, we will explicitly let you know. There are no hidden fees to worry about with Quick Snap Photo Booths.

How easy to operate are photo booths from Quick Snap Photo Booths?

We know that you won’t have trouble operating our photo booths because Quick Snap Photo Booths are easy to use. Furthermore, one of our friendly, trained assistants will be with the booth throughout the duration of your event. They love to help you have a good time and can answer any questions you have.

How many people fit in photo booths by Quick Snap Photo Booths?

Quick Snap Photo Booths are extra large in size.
This means that you can fit more people and more smiles (up to 20!) in your photos.

What kinds of props does Quick Snap Photo Booths offer?

Props can create a goofy, exciting atmosphere, and make your experience even better. That’s why at Quick Snap Photo Booths we offer a wide variety of props available with all rentals. We have anything from mustaches to ties, faces to hats, and much more. Contact us if you’re interested in custom props for your event!

What payment options are there with Quick Snap Photo Booths?

At Quick Snap Photo Booths, we are very flexible with payments. There is a $200 deposit to secure your booking, with the rest of the fee being due before the event. If you require a special exception, we will work with you. Please contact us for more information.

What sorts of things does Quick Snap Photo Booths require at locations?

At Quick Snap Photo Booths, we only ask that your location follows a few simple guidelines, so that we are able to offer you the best quality of service possible.

  1. At least 10 x 10 foot space for the booth. This can vary if a booth with a size-increase has been requested.
  2. An electrical outlet near the place where the booth will be set up. This allows for all our state-of-the-art technology powering the photo booth to work.
  3. Flat, solid ground. This will allow the booth to be set up to ensure safety of you and your guests.
Where can guests get a copy of images from Quick Snap Photo Booth experiences?

Now, with Quick Snap Photo Booths, you will be able to download high-resolution copies of all the images you please from your event. Simply go to Photo Pickup on our website to pick up your photos.

Where can Quick Snap Photo Booths provide service?

Quick Snap Photo Booths is able to provide service for the Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, and northern Kentucky regions. Locations outside of our service areas may result in a travel fee. To find out if you might incur this fee, please contact us—there’s no obligation.

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