Quick Snap Photo Booths Features

Quick Snap Photo Booths offers rentals of state-of-the-art photo booths.

See what makes us special.

Extra Large Photo Booths

Quick Snap Photo Booths are extra large in size. This means that you can fit more people and more smiles (up to 15!) in your photos. Our booths start at 8 x 8 feet.
New: Quick Snap Photo Booths now offers custom-sized booths, free of charge!

Lots of Fun Props

Props can create a goofy, exciting atmosphere, and make your Quick Snap Photo Booth experience even better. Free with all photo booth rentals.
New: Create your own props with our reusable handheld chalkboards!

Pro-Quality Cameras

No more blurry, disappointing snapshots. All Quick Snap Photo Booths feature pro-quality DSLRs, from top brands such as Canon, and will deliver beautiful photos.

Friendly, Trained Assistants

Our friendly, trained assistants love to help you have a good time. They are if you have any questions about your Quick Snap Photo Booth.

Live-View Screens

How do you look? Is everyone in the photo? Thanks to the big live-view screens, located inside and outside of booths by Quick Snap Photo Booths, you'll know before the photo is taken!

Unlimited On-Site Prints

Now you can print as many photos as you desire during your Quick Snap Photo Booth experience! Choose from a variety of sizes, customizable styles, and much more.

Customizable Designs & Styles

Who wants a boring grid of photos from an exciting event? Not you! When you rent a Quick Snap Photo Booth, you'll get access to customizable designs & styles for your prints.

Printed Photo Albums

Wouldn't you love all the photos from your special occasion in one place? With every photo booth rental, Quick Snap Photo Booth will print a custom photo album for you. Perfect for gifts!

Easy-to-Use Photo Booths

Quick Snap Photo Booths are easy to use so that you can forget you're on camera and enjoy yourself. Even if you have trouble, don't worry! one of our friendly, trained assistants can help.

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